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Project completed:

April 2015.

Previously, the concrete surfaces that we coated were in less than ideal condition to simply polish, stain and seal. There were excessive cracks, spalls and unneveness throughout as it was once a storage warehouse with heavy forklift traffic.

The objective was to even out the existing concrete with a high-performance concrete overlay that met the requirements of both the Museum's directors in coordination with the architects of the project.

We started by shot-blasting the work areas and then proceeded to applying a moisture-resistant epoxy primer.

Once primed, we applied a hand-trowel cement coat, stained it and sealed it with clear epoxy. Then top coated it with a satin-finish polyurethane.

The result was a beautiful multi-chromatic color effect, with a smooth, silken texture. Exactly the effect requested by the project's architect.

Special appreciation on this great project goes out to the Sonoma County Museum directors, Colombini Construction and to San Francisco-based Jensen Architects.








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