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The coatings industry offers many alternatives to waterproof over plywood, but none are better than the "Lath and Cement" waterproofing system.

Utilizing a slightly different cement mix ratio and additional steps in application than in concrete resurfacing, this waterproofing system takes advantage of the great characteristics that acrylic-modified cement offers.

The "Lath and Cement" waterproofing system produces a durability and strength unlike any other coating, including polyurethanes and acrylic resins.

The overall thickness for this "Lath and Cement" waterproofing system is about one quarter of an inch.

We take this technology further by offering many of the patterns, colors and designs available for concrete overlay systems.

Imagine having an awesome concrete finish over plywood that offers a low height profile, light weight and superior durability.

It can be installed both indoors and outdoors.




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