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Certainly, one of our most challenging jobs, but worth the effort!

The existing surface was a concrete interior floor with an acid stain finish, which showed many unsightly imperfections despite the fact that it had been installed not long ago.

Since the house in question was a beautiful architectural statement, having a marred floor throughout the Main Floor was not pleasant at all.

Unhappy with the results our clients looked for solutions to fix their problem. After doing arduous research, they found us.

In simple terms, our job was to remove the existing finish, apply a moisture retention system and install a concrete overlay system to achieve the look that our clients originally wanted. In addition, the new coating system needed to be reliable enough to ensure worry-free enjoyment and functionality.

The challenges were many, among them:

  • Address moisture problems and install a suitable system to ensure success.
  • Total color match to what the existing finish should have been.
  • Fix existing cracks caused by structural settling and other factors.
  • Achieve the same exact pattern, following existing saw-cut lines.
  • The biggest challenge of all was that this work was to be done at a live-in residence, with fine custom cabinetry, antique baseboards, luxurious appliances, and art on the walls!

So we went to work, protected all what needed to be protected, applied what needed to be applied and delivered what needed to be delivered! The result was a very impressive concrete floor, but most importantly another happy customer.


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