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Concrete resurfacing is the best alternative to breaking the old concrete and re-pour a new slab.

The material used to re-coat the existing concrete is a special blend of polymerized portland cement known as acrylic-modified cement.

Acrylic-modified cements are tough and durable, and stronger on the surface than standard concrete.

When the existing concrete surface is properly prepared, the new coating will bond tenaciously and will last a lifetime when properly maintaned.

The overall resurfacing system is about the thickness of a credit card, which means that when applied, it won't interfere with existing crucial elevations like patio doors, steps, etc.

There are different types of cement to fit the needs of your project. Some are fine grit, used mostly for indoors and others are coarse, which are recommended for pool decks and high-traffic outdoor areas.

We can resurface anywhere there is concrete, indoors and outdoors.







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